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What are the Symptoms for Psoriasis?





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The signs and symptoms are different for every, who gets affected by Psoriasis.Some of the common Symptoms for Psoriasis is identified by the itches, cracks and painful skins. In terms of nails, it may crack, swell and loose the nails. Mostly red patches of skin covered with thick silvery scales, dry, cracked skins, burning, soreness in a skin by these symptoms the Psoriasis may causes in a body.

Do you know the types of Psoriasis?

There are many types of Psoriasis some of them,

1. Plaque Psoriasis: This can occur anywhere in the body which are dry, raised, red skin lesions. It might be itchy or painful even occurs in may occurs in the soft tissue inside your mouth.
2. Nail Psoriasis: It affects fingernails and toe nails, causing abnormal nail growth and discoloration.
3.Guttate Psoriasis: This affect young adults and children because of bacterial infection.
4. Inverse Psoriasis: This infection may cause sweating and friction this because of fungal infection.
5. Pustular Psoriasis: This may cause in small areas in your hands, feet or fingertips.
6.Erythrodermic Psoriasis: It can cover your entire body with red, peel rashes.

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